Monday, November 24, 2008

Another post for Grandma Fackrell

The boots were dirty the second she put them on. Of course they are, they're white. Mia loves this outfit Grandma Fackrell gave her for her birthday. (She made the skirt and jacket) So appropriate, after all, this girl is very black and white. :)

Friday, November 14, 2008

First diaper change

Max was complaining that I needed to change the babies diaper. So, I told him he could change it for me. He wanted to know why I thought he would EVER want to change a diaper. Anyways, after a while he decided it wouldn't hurt to try, after all, it wasn't like it was poopy! The baby was even amused by the whole thing. He was very patient with how long it took and Max kept saying, "Just don't pee on me!" Max did such a good job, it won't be has last. :)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Crazy uncle Nate

I was looking through the pictures on my camera yesterday and found these. I had no idea they were there so it made me laugh and I had to share.

She loves Nate, he's like a second dad!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mia's pink Birthday Extravaganza

Mia has such a fun time this year with her friends at her birthday party. (Even though it was a little chilly)

The birthday girl in her "Birthday Girl" crown and jewelry.

Mia and her friend Sydney. She loves playing with Sydney, they get along so well and she never wants her play dates with her to end.

Mia's newest friend Elle. She's so much fun!

The girls making bracelets and necklaces. (While wearing their crowns)

Ruby picking out the perfect beads. What a cutie! We love this little girls personality.

Grace playing "put the glass slipper on Cinderella" Mia loves playing with Grace, theirs always dancing involved :)

She kept this (way too big) ring on her finger the whole time.

The Birthday cake Max and Mia helped me decorate. (chocolate inside)
Mia has been talking about a pink birthday cake with sprinkles for months now.
As you with!

Make a wish

She loved all her presents. Grace was so excited to give her this really cute tea set (that she wanted to keep) only to find out she got an identical mini set in her goody bag when she left. She was thrilled. So cute!

Ruby gave her some cute books, one she is holding here...Ladybug Girl. She loved the baby doll and necklace Elle gave her and wore the necklace to school today.

Sydney gave Mia this Tinker Bell movie. Can you tell she loves it? She wanted this bad! (notice the ring still on her finger.) She kept her hand like that the whole time because she didn't want it to come off. Cari made sure we got a picture of it...such a girl.

It was a fun day...although...I'm tired and glad it's over. :)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

4 years old

Mia was so excited for her birthday today. She's been talking about it for weeks. (since Max had his) She requested waffles with strawberries and whipped cream for breakfast, dressed herself and wanted a bun so she could look like tinkerbell. Then we painted her nails pink and put hot pink lipstick on her. She feasted on a giant cupcake and has been screaming with excitement most of the day. Her birthday party is tomorrow so more fun to come...for now, happy birthday to the most cute, fun, energetic, curious 4 year old I know.

Loving the hot pink lipstick.

Her tinkerbell hair

What a funny kid! We just love this little girl so much!

Friday, November 7, 2008


A word of warning! If Max knew I posted this on our blog, he might never speak to me again. Ok, on with the story.

The past several weeks when I pick Max up from school the whole way home he talks about "Cathrine." It's a girl in his class that he likes. We discuss ways for him to play with her at recess without her knowing he likes her. He's very shy about it and won't just ask if he can play jump rope or play a game with her. He has been practicing jump roping for a while now and is getting pretty good. I joked with him one day and said, "Max are you having girl trouble?" He laughed and said, "Totally mom." TOO FUNNY!

To make a long story short, because I don't have time, Max got in the car yesterday and told me that Alex (his competition) likes Cathrine too. I asked him what he thought of that and he said he didn't care. Then went on to tell me he thinks she likes him too. Then, breaking my heart, he said, "Mom, he's better then me. He's taller and bigger and he just looks better. I look dumb." What?! Of course I told him that wasn't true, he was just as good if not better that this Alex kid.

Then he came up with an idea. And I quote word for word..."I know mom, tomorrow I want you to spike my hair and I want to wear my black jacket." I forgot about this leather jacket my dad got him at a thrift store. I could feel an uncontrollable laugh building in me and had to try really hard to hold it in. It was a deal! In the morning we planned to make him look as cool as possible to win back the girl of his dreams. Ha ha!

Part of me wants to tell him he's too young for this and not to worry about her, just focus on hand ball and the boys. But, I want him to tell me "everything", and I think it's HILARIOUS! So, I went with it.

I told Matt about it last time to prep him and this morning Max asked if he could go in his room and get a different jacket to wear to school. Matt played dumb like he knew nothing, then spiked his hair for him. He took these pictures on their way out the door this morning.

Kathrine, if you don't think this kid is the best looking dude're crazy!

So proud to look cool!

Yes, Matt made his look tough...that's what he gets for having a dad that's a director.
How cute is he?

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Halloween with the Taylor's

This ones for you Grandma Fackrell

It was so great having my whole family here for Halloween. These are a little late, but better late then never.

Cutest penguin ever

She loved being wonder woman

Aaron the grim reeper, Izabela the cat, Kyle the Jedi and Max the Ghostbuster.

All 10 grandkids + Joelle and Matt for baby purposes :)

Trunk or treating fun (thanks for the photo Dana)

Too much candy...ha ha! Really, he got hurt wrestling Kyle.

My hard core tatooed biker husband. I'm so sad he forgot the handlebar mustache I got him.

So out of character for Matt...made it that much funnier! Nadia was a cute little red riding hood and Aaron had too much fun with that mask. I love it!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

We voted!

Our vote is in and our choice has been's finally over. Now we just play the waiting game.