Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sometimes we miss the red dirt

maybe i miss it because it's been raining the entire week in cali. or maybe it was the fun of family and friends that has been absent from my motherhood life this week. or maybe i just have a hard time admitting that i miss the red dirt sometimes.

it was a fun memorable trip, photos included, thanks to kyle and derek. it was the wong boys first trip to utah, it turned out to be very last minute, and very WHITE! sorry guys for all the whiteness. i was hoping we would see at least one other asian. haha! good food, games, nature and family. it doesn't get much better then that.

hello from miss mia

hiking in snow canyon national park, amazingly beautiful.

max and nate are more like brothers then uncle and nephew.

enlightening derek with his new found love for cafe rio.

kyle showing off his mad skills...with child on board

joelle and i squeezing ourselves though the narrows. i don't know why i laugh so hard every time i do this....maybe it's because i'm nervous i'll get stuck. yes, i laugh when i'm nervous.

max and mia playing in the sand dunes. this reminds me of my childhood. and i miss it!

family photo. me, 2/3 of my children and my two husbands.

until next time....stay beautiful st. george.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Twenty Ten

Today is the day! I finally feel like I can post a blog. I've been so blah about posting because I'm cameraless. We did shoot video of Christmas morning and took a fun trip to Utah this past weekend, but not a single photo was taken of either. Kindof a bummer. I'm sure we'll survive.

2010 (pronounced twenty ten!) is going to be a big year for us! I can feel it in my bones! Pretty deep if you ask me. The things I hope will come about this year. (in no particular order)

- A new camera. But not just any camera....a nice one! I'm not even sure what that means. But if the photos look good, I'll be happy

- A steady job for the Mr. (which may be in the works as we speak) With benefits would be a plus.

- Dance class for little Miss Mia. She's been begging me for over a year. It's time!

- A housekeeper. Let's just go ahead and say this is #1 on the list. This would make my life a trillion times better. And I'm not over exaggerating either. A trillion times is accurate.

- Better eating habits. This family usually eats super healthy. Not that we're eating unhealthy...I'm ready for the healthy diet change again. Meaning, no more sugar, no more consuming mass amounts of fat, and no more junk food.

- Two more marathons under my belt. That is if I could hide them there. I'm shooting for the Ogden Marathon in May and the St. George in October. Who wants to run with me? Any takers are welcome.

- More one on one time with my kids. They need it, I need it, we all feel it. It would help if dad was home more...that could be solved...refer back to the first wish on the list.

- Personal spiritual growth. I feel ok in this area, I just don't want to let it die. That means I need more me time. More yoga. More reading time. More quiet time. I'm a better person when I get my time.

Bring it on 2010. Only, one favor. Could ease up on the rain! Ugh!