Tuesday, January 22, 2008

King of the park

We went to the park the other day after Max got out of school. I knew it couldn't be a perfect day at the park for either of the kids with out Mia's scooter and Max's skateboard so I made sure to bring both. The minute Max stepped out of the car he was off on his skateboard. I'm not kidding, all eyes, adult and children, at the park we're on Max. He looks younger then he is and is riding a skateboard like a 12 year old. Everyone was asking me how old he was and how he learned to ride so good. Just as he had almost finished circling the entire park, all the while flipping the board and doing his latest tricks, he ran into a group of older kids skateboarding. They all just watched him for about 15 minutes. They kept asking him questions and seeing if he could do different tricks. One of the kids looked at his friend and said, "He's 7 and he's way better then you!" The other mom's and I just had fun watching this whole thing unfold. Eventually we had to leave, but just before we left Max said to me, "I felt like king of the park today. Everyone wanted to know how old I was and wanted to talk to me." Then he sighed and said, "I love an audience!" Does he ever. And we have no idea where he gets that. :) (Thanks uncle Andy for teaching Max all the cool new tricks so he could be king of the park for a day.)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

It's alive!

We went to our first midwife appointment yesterday with the whole family. Max loved being able to ask questions and help take my blood pressure. She showed the kids a little baby that was the size of the one in moms stomach. The most exciting part was hearing the babies heartbeat. I forget how exciting it is to hear that beating heart and know that's alive. It makes it seem more real. Max thought it sounded like a choo choo train. So far so good!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Our latest family photos

The Facks of Life

Ok, here's my attempt at a blog. I figure if nothing else, it'll be fun for the kids and I to work on and look back at. And we are hoping 2008 brings good change and the startings of the life we've always wanted. You know, a life full of flu seasons, kids cutting their own hair, gumballs and dirty feet. A house in the 'burbs with a backyard and a new dog we have to force the kids to help care for. So, when I put it like that it doesn't sound as charming, but it's still the life we want.