Saturday, February 16, 2008

New Music Video!

Here's a link to the music video Nathan and I did with the help of good ol' Max:

It's in a Quicktime format, but you can also see it on the website of the music video production company Nathan and I work for. You can find it in the directors link under The Fackrell Brothers and the video is Time Again "Lines are Faded."


My baby bump!

Ok, I thought it might be fun for everyone to watch me get fat! (since it is such a rare thing) I am 15 weeks pregnant now and just starting to show. I'm sure I'll look back at these pictures and laugh at myself for thinking I was showing. I'm just getting over being sick and my energy level has gone up a lot. I guess you could say I feel like I just came out of a coma and am now feeling the excitement of being pregnant and having a third child in our home. Only two more weeks and we'll know what we are having. But for now enjoy my little baby bump. We might not be laughing in four or five months.

A view from the top!

Max's loving day

The Valentine's day box we built a skateboard ramp on the top of with a skateboarding power ranger. I're wondering why you never came up with that one. (ok, not really!)

The best day of school ever!

Needless to say, they were all wired!

Max and a series of fortunate events!

Max got a spotlight award at school. It was given for his enthusiasm in all subjects and his great sense of humor. We love these kids!
Mom tickling Max so he'll hold still and smile because all he wants to do is go to recess.
Max at the assembly.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Matt's First Post ("Time Again," Music Video Shoot)

This past weekend Nathan and I shot two music videos back to back for the LA punk band Time Again ( Max had the chance to spend the whole day with me at the shoot. The band had a lot of fun with Max. Ryan, the drummer, taught Max some basic drum skills, while Elijah the guitarist showed Max some sweet skateboarding moves. Our good friend Chris Saul joined in and taught him some really old school tricks. Max was a little star struck from watching the band do the video. He thought it was cool that the band enjoyed having him there. He brought a back pack that mom packed for entertainment purposes. His Nintendo DS and all his games were in it. Well, we were in West Hollywood (not the nicest part of town) and he left his back pack outside and it was stolen. On the way home from the video shoot, Max started to cry a little and was upset about all his stuff getting stolen. He bucked up a little and asked Niki who would have taken his back pack. She told him in was probably a bum. Then Max said, "well, I guess some bum is playing Mario Brothers right now." Lucky for Max and his newly formed friendship with the lead singer Daniel. He heard about Max's stuff getting stolen and had a friend who was getting a new DS and told me that Max could have the old one. The next day after shooting Daniel drove all the way down to Pasadena and gave us the DS. So Max losses his DS and magically the next day he has a new one...lucky kid. It was a lot of fun for me to have Max there to see what I do and just to have him hanging out. The shoot went really well, we didn't have any money to really work with. The band gave a couple hundred and Nathan paid a few hundred. The two videos will end up costing around $750 to make, which is awesome because in all actuality, they would have been around $15,000 to make. We pulled a lot of strings, but didn't compromise the look of the video. The band is signed to Hellcat Records and Epitaph, and the labels will be pushing the videos to show on MTV2 and Fuse. Anyway, enjoy the photos, we had a lot of fun, and Max will be coming to many more shoots in the future.

Monday, February 4, 2008

A little princess

Lately Mia is in a dress-up more then she's not. As soon as we walk in the house the clothes are off and the dress-up is on. Her friend Lauren came over and played the other day. I had to take some pictures of them going lipstick crazy. It was Lauren's first stab at lipstick and I had a good laugh. I love when it goes from nose to chin, and ear to ear. Classic! Enjoy.

Aunt Niki and Uncle Matt

My brother Matt and his wife Joelle had a baby girl yesterday. I'm so excited for them (they have two boys and are so excited to have their girl.) but a little sad that I can't be there to see and hold her. Congrats guys, hope all is well and I can't wait to come visit.